Skills and Expertise

Professional science communication support



Science Editing and writing support

Through science editing and science writing support, I can help you make your story easy to understand and accessible for your audience. 

For science copy and line editing, I go through your text and look at it as an objective reader in multiple different sittings. Some of the aspects I can look at are:

  • Flow: Is the text to easy to read and does your story make sense?

  • Consistency: Are the symbols, terms, and abbreviations used throughout the text consistent?

  • Repetitiveness, conciseness, sentence structure, and word choice: Have you repeated the same arguments multiple times throughout text? Can any text be removed or reworded to present your story more effectively?

  • Scientific accuracy: Are the correct symbols and units used? Are there any obvious mistakes or inconsistencies in the numbers presented or your scientific arguments?

  • Completeness: Are there any obvious gaps in your arguments? Are all the display items (e.g., figures and tables) referenced in the text?

  • Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and typos.

  • Reference formatting.

  • Document and text formatting to your chosen style or the journal guidelines.

  • Collation of text and display items from multiple sources into one document.


Areas of Expertise



Analytical Chemistry · Food Chemistry · Green Chemistry · Inorganic Chemistry · Organic Chemistry · Physical Chemistry


Forensic Chemistry · Forensic Toxicology.

environmental science

Agricultural Chemistry and Agricultural Science · Environmental Chemistry · Soil Chemistry

Herbal/Traditional medicines and Natural Products

Traditional Chinese Medicines · Natural Products

biochemistry And microbiology


Pharmacology and toxicology

Medicinal Chemistry · Pharmaceutical Chemistry