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Depending on your needs, I can offer an hourly rate or a per page rate. As an industry standard, a page is counted as 250 words. I bring a high level of expertise, both scientific and editorial, to your work, and the exact rate depends on the type and level of editing or writing required and the turn around time. As an indication, please see the common editorial rates (in USD) detailed by the Editorial Freelancers Association. I am happy to edit a sample (250 words) of your work.

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Use the form below to let me know what you need help with. If possible, include any specific formatting requests, your turnaround time/deadline, and the approximate length of the job (calculated by dividing the word count by 250). If your job is a manuscript for publication, please supply the name of the target journal if you have selected one. You may also email me directly with any queries. I aim to answer any queries within one business day.

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